Word.ca guests & their organizations


By Guest's Name

ROJO  Dr. Charles McVety, Institute for Canadian Values

ROJO  Sherlock Bally Ministries

ROJO  Dr. Don Colbert

ROJO  John Hagee

ROJO  Pastor Audley N. James, Revivaltime Tabernacle

ROJO  Grant R. Jeffrey

ROJO  Ray MacDonald, Christians For Israel

ROJO  Rondo Thomas, Canadian College of Christian Counsellors

ROJO  North York Chinese Community Church,

ROJO  Jubilee Centre For Christian Social Action

ROJO  John Tweedie, Christians For Israel

ROJO  MP. Frank Klees


By Organization

ROJO  Canadian College of Christian Counsellors

ROJO  Christians For Israel

ROJO  Christian Heritage Party

ROJO  Christians United For Israel (Cufi)

ROJO  Institute for Canadian Values

ROJO  Jubilee Centre For Christian Social Action

ROJO  Tehillah Toronto

ROJO  GTA Faith Alliance

ROJO  Life Site

ROJO  KIng of KIngs Community Jerusalem

By Churches

ROJO  North York Chinese Community Church

ROJO  Revivaltime Tabernacle

By Musical Artists

ROJO  Audio Adrenaline

ROJO  Newsboys

ROJO  Alvin Slaughter

ROJO  Donnie McClurkin